Michael Deeb: A Notre Dame Man

Irish Mob commit, Michael Deeb.

Irish Mob commit, Michael Deeb.

This evening, G&BB had the opportunity and privilege to sit down with a current member of the Irish Mob ’13.  This recruiting class is believed to be one of the best in Notre Dame history.  We were absolutely blown away with the conversation that ensued with incoming freshman, Michael Deeb.

Elwood:  What can Notre Dame Nation expect from Michael Deeb as a man and as a football player?

Mike:  As a man, I bring a lot of energy to my daily life.  I like to spread happiness to others and keep others motivated with whatever task or goal they have in mind.  As a player, I bring a lot of intensity and constantly work hard.  I didn’t start playing football until high school, so what I lack in experience, I gain in work ethic.

Elwood:  Awesome answer, man.

Jake:  Elwood, you were right…Mike is really well-spoken!  Alright, talk about a time that you had to overcome a major obstacle.

Mike:  I’ll stick to a football related obstacle rather than personal.  After my sophomore season, I switched my position from Defensive End to Linebacker.  It was a challenge because I was much more involved in every play and basically the QB of the defense.  In the long run, it turned out to be a blessing, because I believe if I was still at DE, it would have been much harder to gain the attention of Notre Dame.

Elwood:  I can definitely see that.  Who is the best player you have ever played against and why were they the best?

Mike:  I’d have to say our RB, Sony Michel.  I compete against him everyday training in the weight room, track, and football field.  Sony has a great combination of speed and power.  Since I compete with him on a daily basis, he has impacted my game the most, and I believe he’s the best player I’ve played against thus far.

Elwood:  He is definitely awesome.  I watched his tape and was blown away.

Mike:  He’s a great person, as well.  I have a lot of respect for him.

Elwood:  Ok, I think the entire world of Twitter knows that you love to grill some food.  Talk to me about your nutrition on a daily basis.  What are you putting in those protein shakes?  Fruits?  Raw eggs?  Rocky Movies?

Mike:  Hahaha.  I wake up and have milk, eggs, and oatmeal.  I have six classes throughout the day, and I eat after each class.  Post-class snacks include peanut butter, fruits, nuts, beef jerky, etc.  For lunch, we are allowed to leave campus.  That is when I go home and grill salmon, chicken, beef, steak…basically a solid protein source.  With the meal, I’ll have veggies and a fruit smoothie.  After lunch, I begin training.  And following training, I’ll have a muscle milkshake with another small snack.  Last meal of the day is dinner, and I’ll eat whatever my mother cooks, which is usually a well-rounded nutritional meal.

Elwood:  That’s pretty awesome!  You’ll be ready for that training table at ND for sure!  I don’t know if they are ready for you, though.

Mike:  Haha.  Oh, they’ll be ready!  Coach Alford has already informed me on how those O-linemen eat…I definitely have some competition!

Elwood:  Haha.  Yeah, Braxston Cave is an absolute monster.  He must eat an outrageous amount of food in a day.  So, as is the case with most recruits, depending on what service you talk to, there are always different opinions on measurements and such.  Most people seem to agree that you are 6’2 and 237lbs.  How accurate are they?  Also, when in the gym, what are you listening to on the iPod?

Mike:  That is accurate for the height and weight.  My iPod is tuned to a mixture of fast pace rap, rock, and electronic dance music.  I like something up-tempo and fast going with my workouts.

Jake:  You’ll need that up-tempo music with Coach Longo!

Elwood:  You and me both, Mike.  Jake likes to work out to Katy Perry, though.

Jake:  False.  Celine Dion is more my style, honestly.  Anyway, what’s the first thing you want to do when you step foot on campus?

Mike:  Hahaha.  First thing I want to do…besides avoid getting lost one hundred times on my way to classes…I’d like to establish my work ethic and leadership right away.  I want my teammates to understand what they can expect from me and not be one they’re always guessing about.

Jake:  Funny…I always saw you as the type to visit Badin Hall first thing.  Anyway, if you had to convince a friend to come to Notre Dame, what would you say?

Mike:  I’d say spiritually, academically, and athletically, it is unmatched to any other school across the nation.  If you’re not looking to be challenged daily, then don’t come here.  Lastly, I’d say to take a visit and tell me that you aren’t blown away.

Jake:  Couldn’t have said it better myself, man.

Elwood:  Excellent!  Who is your favorite past or current ND player and why?

Mike:  Manti Te’o.  His excellence at the position that I also play is beyond impressive.  His character represents Notre Dame in a positive manner, and I think he is a great role model.

Jake:  I couldn’t agree more.

Elwood:  No doubt!  Talk to me about your relationship with the rest of the Irish Mob recruiting class.  It seems to be a very tight-knit group.

Mike:  With social networking, we are able to contact each other within seconds.  I think, as a whole, we will get along well and take pride in continuing excellence at Notre Dame.  This class is full of highly talented and solid character guys.

Jake:  It’s no lie that this class is one of Notre Dame’s best.  The camaraderie…the work ethic…the talent are all unbelievably unmatched!

Elwood:  Exactly.

Jake:  What legacy do you and the mob plan to leave the program with when you graduate from Notre Dame?

Mike:  Our goal will be to remain with the #1 graduation rate in the country while bringing championships back to Notre Dame.  It’d be great to be remembered as class-act student-athletes who were champions on and off the field.

Jake:  Perfectly said.  Absolutely perfect.

Elwood:  You have some really excellent answers, Mike.  You’ve been my favorite recruit this cycle (and not just because you are letting us interview you, either).  I really feel like you will be leading that defense in a few years.  You have the passion, talent, and work ethic…you have “it,” and that will pay off for you, I guarantee it.

Jake:  Elwood’s not lying…when I told him we set up a time to chat, he wet himself.  Not kidding.  Well, that does it for our questions.  Is there anything you’d like to say to ND Nation before we let you go?

Mike:  Haha.  I really appreciate it guys.  I’ve been lucky to have a family who has shaped me into who I am today.  Plus, talking Notre Dame is NEVER boring!

Elwood:  Yeah.  Exactly!

Jake:  Thanks again, man.  Go Irish!

Mike:  Have a great night, and GO IRISH!


2 thoughts on “Michael Deeb: A Notre Dame Man

  1. Really admire Michael. He and his words somehow get thru to me daily. My rehab(knees, hips, back, head) start when I remember something he has said, and I have studied philosophy for 23 years. I was the victim of a horrible assault in 1990 that I will never recover from, one in which challenges me daily to get up and raise my two little kids as a current stay at home dad. I think he will go on to have an amazing life, even moreso than he has now.thanks for this interview of him.

  2. Hey There Goldandbluesbrothers,
    I just stumbled across this and, I can really see how much time you put into your posts. I’m a blogger too, and I know how difficult it can be to make time for writing sometimes. Bookmarked and will share.
    Great Job!

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